I am Wahid, a designer based in The Netherlands. Recently graduated from Communication & Multimedia design. I am specializing in UI/UX design and front-end development. Starting off with a focus on graphic design, I followed my passion to enrich my skillsets in interface/interaction design, art-direction and photography by self-motivated learning. I'm still eager to learn more and improve my skills.

I’m currently available for freelancing and interested in any job position that fits my field of competence. If you're interested in working with me, you can contact me using my mail down below.



  • Experience
  • - Wireframing
  • - Prototyping
  • - User Testing
  • - HTML & CSS
  • - Javascript & jQuery
  • - Agile
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Knowledge Matters App

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With the start of my internship at PublishingLab, I was put in a group with three other international students. We were given the opportunity to make an interactive e-book for UNStudio. Along with their new book 'Knowledge Matters' they wanted to publish a stand alone app, that goes deeper in making of the Arnhem Central Station. This app (or interactive e-book) breaks down the full 20 years of Arnhem Central Station. Our assignment was to find the best way to tell that story in an interactive way. More on the project can be read here





  • UX researcher
  • Interaction designer

01. Research

The whole project was driven by research. We did research on different kind of interactivities and gathered different kind of sources for inspiration.

02. Concept

The concept we came up with was to have two different kind of navigations. The biggest audience target would be students and clients. Both of these have different goals and time when they are using the app. So we came up with fast vs slow, where fast is for the clients (fast overview of the project) and slow for the students (with more in depth information).

03. Prototyping

In order to show the interactions in the app, we had to prototype our concept. These prototype were coded by ourself with a little help of a developer.

04. Final product

Our goal was to research and create a concept for the interactive e-book, and since we didnt have the resources/skills and time to create the app, UNStudio decided to pass the project to the good people at We Love Digital.